Project Description


Bay trip Vestmannaeyjar to see belugas, Visitor Centre, Aquarium, Puffin Hospital

Take a bay trip Vestmannaeyjar to see the two  new inhabitants in Vestmannaeyjar. They are two beluga whales that are going to live with us in Vestmannaeyjar for their retirement years. They live now in a bay close by our harbour. We at Ribsafari – Boat Tours in Vestmannaeyjar have regular tours to the bay for you to visit them in collaboration with Sealife Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary.

During the tour a guide from the sanctuary will inform you about the two lovely belugas and their adventures up to now.

Note that your entry fee to the Visitor Centre is included in your ticket and you can visit the Visitor Centre. You can visit the centre prior to your bay trip or after it. With buying this ticket you are providing for the food and wellbeing of the belugas as well as for the puffins and other animals that are living in the visitor centre. With your help we can provide a nice life for the belugas. The belugas can unfortunately not be set free because they have always lived in captivity. They don’t know how to take care of themselves and hunt for food. By taking this trip you are therefore helping us taking care of these lovely belugas. The puffins in the Visitor Centre have been rescued by the locals when they were pufflings and did not manage to go into the wild. They are being taken good care of in the puffin hospital. You can see the puffins in the centre as well as other animals.

Bay Trip, Visitor Centre, Aquarium & Puffin Rescue Centre

Adults: 7,500 ISK

Children (3-12 year old): 5,000 ISK

Children under 3 yrs. old: 0 ISK


The Belugas are still in the Beluga Visitor Centre so you can visit them inside the Centre. They will later be moving to the bay and then you can visit them there.