Project Description


Visitor Centre, Aquarium and Puffin Rescue Centre and even see belugas in Iceland

Want to see Belugas in Iceland and the puffin sanctuary? In Vestmannaeyjar we have a new Visitor Centre, Aquarium and Puffin Hospital under the name Sealife Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary. This new Visitor centre is modern and gives you an amazing insight into the sea-life and is part of the Beluga Project.

You can simply visit the Visitor Centre on-land or take it a step up and also visit Belugas in the bay

When visiting the Visitor Centre and/or going to see the belugas in the bay you are providing for the animals. Your admission fee will feed the animals and help keep them safe. These animals can unfortunately not be set out into the wild as they are not familiar with how they can take care of themselves. Hence we provide them with the best surroundings we can. The puffins have been brought in by locals that have found them and we are nurturing them back to good health. The belugas are not able to fetch their own food. Hence we are keeping them in the Klettsvík bay so that they can be as wild as possible considering their situation.

Visitor Centre, Aquarium & Puffin Rescue Centre

Adults: 3,500 ISK

Children (6-14 year old): 2,350 ISK

Children under 6 yrs. old: 0 ISK

Family price: 10,000 ISK