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Things to do in Vestmannaeyjar and how to get here

  • Volcano in Vestmannaeyjar

    Eldfell Mountain

    You can hike up an volcano in Vestmannaeyjar - Eldfell. The volcano erupted in 1973. There are even still warm spots on the volcano. It takes you about 1,5 hours from the harbor to walk up to the volcano and hike it and come down [...]

  • Surtsey


    Surtsey Island is the youngest island in the world. It s situated in the Westman Island archipelago. Surtsey was "born" in 1963 in an volcanic eruption underneath the ocean. The eruption lasted for 4 years. You can hire a Ribsafari Boat and take a trip [...]

  • puffin

    The Puffin

    Facts about the Puffin Vestmannaeyjar is the largest puffin colony in Iceland as there are millions of puffins that nest on the islands every year. The puffins spend most of their lives on sea. They mate for life and can live to [...]

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The best way to get the greatest experience in Vestmanneyjar is taking a boat trip