Our boat tours in Vestmannaeyjar is the best way to see the puffins, rock formations, wildlife and the amazing archipelago of Westman Islands.

During all our boat tours is Vestmannaeyjar trips a guide will inform you about the wildlife, nature, history and more.


Rib Safari One Hour Tour

Do you like to have an adventure and have a blast in Iceland? Then you should definitely choose the one our Small Island tour on hour Rib Boats. Ribsafari offers amazing trips on a RIB Speedboat. You will enjoy riding fast on the waves and in between we will stop and check out some sea caves, which some can only be entered on a Rib Boat. During our stops we will also tell you stories about our islands, nature and history.


Ribsafari Two Hour Tour

The two hour sailing trip on a RIB Speedboat in Vestmannaeyjar is a trip where you see "everything". We will start by checking out the small islands that are closest to our largest island Heimaey. Then we head off further out and get to check out the other islands that are included in our archipelago. In good sea condition we even ail to Súlnasker that is known to be the most magnificent island in Westman Islands. You will see the elephant rock, a lot of wildlife, nature, islands and sea caves.


Round Tour

On this approx. 1.5 hour sailing trip we will sail around Heimaey and we will see the island from sea which is spectacular. During the sailing a guide will tell you about the history of the islands, settlement/viking sagas, the geological history, the volcanic eruption on the island in 1973 as well as in inform you about Surtsey the youngest island in the world which is a part of the archipelago. We will see various rock formations and sail along the new lava that enlarged the Heimaey island by 2 km.

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Belugas in Vestmannaeyjar

Two beluga whales moved to Vestmannaeyjar in the year 2019. The Sea Life Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary moved them to Iceland from China where they used to be show-cased in a small pool. By bringing them to Iceland they can spend their retirement years in half-freedom in the Klettsvík bay. While they wanted to set them free the belugas could not take care of themselves in the nature. By taking a trip to Klettsvík bay you can visit the belugas and see them in the nature. By taking a trip to visit  Little White and Little Gray you are providing for their health care and food.

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About Vestmannaeyjar

When it comes to Vestmannaeyjar / Westman Islands we’re proud to say we’re different. Check out how you can get here.


If you want to fly to Vestmanneyjar og you can fly from the South Coast of Iceland with flightseeing.isThis is a terrific way to reach the island at it [...]

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