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Our Boat Trips in Vestmannaeyjar


Rib Safari One Hour Tour

One Hour Ribsafari Trip Do you like to have an adventure and have a blast in Iceland? Then you should definitely choose the one our Small Island tour on our Rib Boats. Ribsafari offers amazing trips on a RIB Speedboat. You will enjoy riding fast on the waves and in between we will stop and check out some sea caves, which some can only be entered on a Rib Boat. During our stops [...]


Ribsafari Two Hour Tour

Two Hour Ribsafari Trip A trip to remember | You will see "everything" Our  two hour sailing trip on a RIB Speedboat in Vestmannaeyjar. We will start by checking out the small islands that are closest to our largest island Heimaey. Then we head off further out and get to check out the other islands that are included in our archipelago. In good sea condition we even ail to Súlnasker that is known [...]


Round Tour

  Round boat tour Want to go on a boat tour in Westman Islands? Vestmannaeyjar (e. westman Islands) is an archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The islands were formed by a submarine volcanic eruption and the largest island, and the only inhabited one, is Heimaey. The other islands are visited frequently by the locals for bird hunting and egg collection. The latest volcanic eruption was in the year [...]


Beluga Sanctuary