You can fly from Reykjavik to Vestmannaeyjar with Eagle Air. The flight only takes about 30 minutes or so. There is no service per se on board as the flight is so short.

Vestmannaeyjar is a small island so you will not need a car to go around. There is a taxi that can take you from the airport to the center. You can also start you trip in Vestmanneyjar by hiking and enjoying the nature.

Boat Tours in Vestmannaeyjar is situated in the center of Vestmannaeyjar by the harbor, Tangagata 7. You can join going on a passenger boat trip, Rib boat trip or take a bay trip to see the belugas with a smaller passenger boat. You can check out our trips here. We recommend you to book your trips in advance as they might be fully booked when you are here..

Book your flight from Reykjavik to Vestmannaeyjar via the Air Iceland Connect website and enjoy visiting the largest puffin colony in Iceland. By taking a boat tour in Vestmannaeyjar you will be able to see the puffins in their natural environment. See the archipelago by sea and discover all its wonders.