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The Puffin

Facts about the Puffin

Vestmannaeyjar is the largest puffin colony in Iceland as there are millions of puffins that nest on the islands every year.

The puffins spend most of their lives on sea. They mate for life and can live to be about 37 years old (in human years).

During winter the puffins stay on the sea by Greenland or Newfoundland and the pair does not stay together during the winter.

Puffins flap their wings up to 400 times a minute and they can fly up to 88 km an hour. They are great swimmers and divers who can dive down about 60 meters under the water to catch their fish.

The puffin’s beak is colorful in the summer to attract mates but has a dull grey color in the winter time.

In springtime the male returns to Vestmanneyjar a week ahead and gets the nesting hole clean for his spouse.