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Round boat tour – Boat Tours in Westman Islands

Boat tours in Westman Islands are the best way to see Vestmannaeyjar

Vestmannaeyjar (e. westman Islands) is an archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The islands were formed by a submarine volcanic eruption and the largest island, and the only inhabited one, is Heimaey. The other islands are visited frequently by the locals for bird hunting and egg collection. The latest volcanic eruption was in the year 1973 and many houses are still underneath the new lava.

On this approx. 1,5 hour sailing trip on our boat Teista we will sail around Heimaey and we will see the island from sea which is spectacular. During the sailing a guide will tell you about the history of the islands, settlement/viking sagas, the geological history, the volcanic eruption on the island in 1973 as well as in inform you about Surtsey the youngest island in the world which is a part of the archipelago. We will see various rock formations and sail along the new lava that enlarged the Heimaey island by 2 km.

There are numerous bird species around Vestmannaeyjar that nest on the cliffs and on the surrounding islands. We will see plenty of birds and seabirds such as the iconic puffin, fulmar, kittiwake and gannets. Often we also see seals and whales sometimes duck up in high summer such as orcas, porpoises and dolphins.

During the sailing we will visit two sea caves, “Fjósið” which is inside the cape Höfði, that is known to be the windiest place in Europe and Klettshellir which is known for its marvelous acoustics.

The boat Teista can accompany 80 persons but we only take 50 passenger each trip so everyone has plenty of space. There is both seating inside and outside and plenty of space for standing.

We have regular tours from end of April to end of September at 2:15 pm

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Tour length: 1,5 hours


  • Adults: 9,900 ISK
  • Children under 12 years of age: 4,900 ISK

Minimum: 15 people per trip (Notice we gather 15 or more passengers into a group)

Time Schedule:

  • 15. May to 30. September at 2:15 pm 

During wintertime: 

  • During wintertime you can rent the Teista for your group. We take up to 50, passengers but the boat takes about 80 passengers which means that there is plenty of space for everyone.
  • We can even pick your group up and drop off in the harbour Landeyjahöfn
  • Please contact us for further details

However we might sail at other times so you can always check it out via phone +354 661-1810 or via email for information.

For all information about safety, age limitation or health issues and cancellation policies visit our FAQ link